Study in the USA at Howe Military Academy

"My English classes this past year consisted of two students from Russia, three from China, one each from Barbados and the United Arab Emirates, not to mention students from every region of the United States. While this may seem like a challenge it is truly an invaluable asset in the classroom."

– Jeff Olds, former English teacher at Howe

    Study in a safe community

Howe is a small area centered in Lima Township, LaGrange County, Indiana. The rural location is popular with cadets because it offers plenty of space for outdoor activities and sports. Howe Military Academy is a contained community, allowing our cadets to study, exercise, and relax in a safe and controlled environment. With three major airports nearby, the Academy is easy to access, but still removed from the distractions of city life.

    Immerse yourself in a vibrant culture

Howe understands the value of cultural learning. We offer plenty of opportunities for cadets to join organized and closely supervised trips to Indianapolis, Detroit, and Chicago, all of which are several hours away.

Indianapolis is the state capital of Indiana and a hub of art and culture. Detroit is a business, cultural, financial, and transportation center on the Canadian border. The city is known for its live music, museums, and theatre. As the third largest city in the U.S., Chicago is world-renowned for its contributions to the culinary arts, architecture, sports, literature, and music. Visitors can relax along the shores of Lake Michigan, shop, or explore a variety of urban attractions.

    Enjoy all the benefits of studying in the USA

Known for its first-rate educational institutions, people travel from all over the world to study in the United States. Howe Military Academy attracts a broad range of cadets from the local area and from countries around the globe. International cadets benefit from traveling, exploring other cultures, and being part of Howe’s academic tradition of self-discipline, leadership, and personal responsibility. Together, these experiences give our graduates a tangible advantage both personally and professionally. But wherever our cadets call home, they receive a warm welcome and adjust quickly at Howe.