Student & Cadet Life

"Howe taught me self-discipline. This is an extremely important attribute that has enabled me to do things with my life that sometimes seemed impossible."

–Margaret Harvey Briscoe, class of 1991

    Life as a Howe Military cadet

At Howe Military Academy, we strive to help our cadets mature and achieve their goals in a safe, disciplined environment. Led by the Cadet Battalion Commander and Cadet Company, cadets stay busy each day with full schedules and a variety of activities. Here, cadets are taught moral and behavioral standards and learn that all actions have consequences. Our objective is to teach responsibility and accountability — concepts that form the foundation of success throughout life.

    Leadership based on established military principles

Central to the curriculum at Howe Military Academy is the Department of the Army’s Junior Reserve Officer’s Training Corps (JROTC) classroom outline, which emphasizes leadership, education, and training (LET). The Office of the Commandant uses JROTC principles to provide cadets with a clear system of rewards and a coherent code of conduct. This program is overseen by the United States Army Cadet Command in Fort Monroe, Virginia.

    Athletics at Howe

Howe Military Academy is situated on a beautiful 100-acre campus in Northeast Indiana. It’s the perfect backdrop for thriving athletic program that’s designed to strengthen the body, mind, and spirit. At Howe, athletic pursuits offer cadets the opportunity to promote honor and responsibility as representatives of the Academy and the Cadet Corps. Cadets are required to participate in two sports or physical training over the course of the school year and may choose a third intramural or interscholastic sport for their third season.

  • Fall sports include boys’ tennis, cross country, soccer, cheer, 5K running club, and SCUBA.
  • Winter sports include basketball, speech and debate, martial arts, and rifle training.
  • Spring sports include baseball, tennis, lacrosse, SCUBA, and martial arts.