Military Program in America

"Students at Howe gain the necessary training to become leaders in their families, professions and communities throughout the world. One at a time, Howe Military Academy produces leaders who will, one day, become invaluable influences in the lives of people around the world."

– Jeff Olds, former English teacher at Howe

    Howe Military Academy: lessons in leadership

At Howe Military Academy, we create leaders, not followers. By blending strong academics with military discipline, our program gives cadets direction and equips them to become positive influences in the lives of people around the world. While Howe is a military academy, our program is not intended to prepare cadets for military service. Rather, our leadership training provides cadets with a competitive edge no matter what career path they choose. Many of our graduates attribute their success later in life to the self-discipline, self-confidence, and personal accountability lessons they learned right here.

    An education based on JROTC principles

The curriculum at Howe Military Academy is based on the Department of the Army’s Junior Reserve Officer’s Training Corps (JROTC) classroom outline. JROTC principles are used to provide cadets with a clear system of rewards and a coherent code of conduct. Howe has been designated an “Honor Unit with Distinction,” the JROTC program’s highest recognition; our curriculum focuses on leadership, education, and training (LET) for all cadets. Our LET classes allow cadets to learn, lead, earn rank, and fulfil their responsibilities as principled young adults.

    The comprehensive benefits of a military program

At Howe, our military program makes a great school even better. For centuries, military training has proven itself to be an effective tool in building confidence, improving organization, and creating new pathways to success. We use military techniques to shape cadets’ sense of themselves and prepare them to excel collegiately, professionally, and personally.